High Line Stations

The project consists of a constellation of nomadic food cart and retail stations that are located on the High Line in New York City. Each retail unit is highly durable, water-tight, and feature integrated lighting as well as a flexible storage and display system, and easily open and lock-up on a daily basis. The units utilize Opto brand mounting racks and shelves, but are otherwise completely custom built. The table units serve as a point of sale while simultaneously providing storage space for staff members as well as additional merchandise. “Bento box” display cases are embedded into each table top, providing a reconfigurable display system for smaller items.  

The design of the food carts had unique requirements as well in order to support a variety of vendors over time. The need to occasionally move the units to accommodate special events on top of the fact that the High Line is particularly narrow at some moments along its pathway, made it necessary to divide each food station into a smaller front and rear sections. Each of which rolls on its own set of casters. In addition to providing a sturdy steel shell, the units feature hand sinks, electrical connections, dis-mountable front counters and a flexible signage scaffold. 

The primary site for the food and retail units is below the Chelsea Market underpass (above 10th Avenue, between 15th and 16th street), but the retail units have already been nomadically deployed at a variety of other locations along the High Line for special events. While small in stature, the design navigates a highly intricate and unique set of constraints in order to provide pragmatic and streamlined solutions.